About us

Hadi and I traveled together under the pretext of photography, and in the beginning we started a pure friendship page and posted the photos that we thought were beautiful there. At first, we wanted to take photography projects together and make photography our common job, but over time we preferred Photography should be a hobby and a skill for us, not a means of earning money and the business we start, it should have added value for our future and we can pass it on from generation to generation and of course bring happiness to other people’s homes.
Our dream was entrepreneurship, so Hadi, like me, started reading MBA so that we could walk scientifically and firmly. According to the principles of team building, we listed our abilities together, my painting, cooking and decoration, filming and editing, packaging design and graphics, and content production, we both knew relatively well, and we both had an interest in agriculture and production. In short, we thought that the sale of saffron, which we always buy for ourselves from Kashmir gardens, could satisfy us with beautiful packaging and the production of the right content for a good sale.